A2IM Objectives

Equity and Leadership in Commerce
A2IM is committed to ensuring Independent labels are at the forefront of negotiations with digital services. We oppose organizations that treat Independent labels and their artists as a second-class tier of content in licensing negotiations with our community.

Access to Media
Independent music has historically been underrepresented in mainstream media, including broadcast radio and television. A2IM reminds media broadcasters and elected officials that diversity on the public airwaves is in the best interest of the public. The fact is Independent music dominates on-demand digital service playlists illustrating that fan appetite for Independent music is greater than current commercial radio and television representation. A2IM works closely with broadcast partners and the FCC on greater representation for Independent music in mainstream media.

Government Advocacy
A2IM represents the Independent sector’s interests in government and legislative issues. Current initiatives include greater transparency in direct sound-recording licensing, fair rates for music usage to ensure sound recording owners and their artists are fairly compensated while providing for sustainable business models for digital services, establishing a terrestrial radio sound recording royalty to prevent AM/FM Radio from using and profiting from music content without compensating rights holders, and efforts to combat music piracy.

Growth in International Partnerships & Trade
A2IM acts as a guardian and representative for the interests of U.S. independents relating to multilateral trade negotiations and agreements that affect the Independent sector.

A2IM sponsors trade missions and programs to promote international commerce and connectivity for its members.

Providing Business Opportunities Through Member Networking
A2IM events, such as our flagship conference Indie Week, and presentations throughout the year establish a gateway for advertisers, agencies, digital services and distributors to access the Independent label community directly and efficiently.